Sell Your Gold or Silver

  • We Buy Old Jewelry and Silver
  • Don't Melt Your Gold
  • Sell it to Us Instead

Sell Your Old Jewelry and Silver for its Value, Not Just the Metal Itself

Giltcomplex Antiques buys gold and silver, including jewelry, sterling flatware sets, dental gold, and coins. We pay competitive prices and value your item for what it is, not just for the weight of the metal. Payments are usually made by business check.

If you think that your item should be worth more than its weight in gold, sell it to us rather than melting it!  We value each item to determine if it has value beyond the metal itself.  Precious stones or a special design can make your item more valuable.  We sell “estate” jewelry, and sell it to someone who will appreciate it.

Stop melting your gold, sell it to us instead.

Call for details.